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As the World’s population continues to grow to an estimated 10 billion people by 2050, the natural resources produced by planet Earth will not be able to sustain this growth based on current levels of production. The global farming and food production industry is about to commence a sustained period of unprecedented growth across all sectors. Both Naruang Integrated Farm and Lanna Integrated Farm have positioned themselves at the forefront to meet this huge demand for sustainable produce and livestock, and we offer interested parties the opportunity to be a part of this exciting growth and take advantage of this opportunity.

Lanna Integrated Farm


Female of breeding age but yet to sire a litter.

Lanna Integrated Farm


Female of breeding age that has sired at least one litter.

Lanna Integrated Farm


Male of breeding age used for inseminating gilts & sows.

Lanna Integrated Farm


New born animal, dependent on, and suckling its mother.

What do we do at Lanna Integrated Farm?

Lanna Integrated Farm is a purpose built breeding facility for genetic Large White Yorkshires which will produce sows for the sole use of producing pureline breeding GGP & GP stock. Our pedigree comes from our first farm at Naruang Integrated Farm and working with the leading genetic suppliers of semen and our own specialist veterinarian team.

The farm provides state of the art facilities which will include the following:

  • Quarantine Facility for 30-days where the new pigs will be housed.
  • Holding Area where the animals are held prior for preparation for insemination.
  • Farrowing Area to house the pregnant mother 7-days prior to giving birth and will stay there with her piglets for the first 30-days.
  • Nursery Area for the piglets to mix and play with others of the same age group of up to 60 days.
  • Males and Females will be separated into growers and breeding stock.
  • Growers will be separated into their own growing areas and kept there up to 120-135 days to achieve the ideal weight to be sold (100 kg).
  • Breeders will go into their own area until they reach puberty which is between 7-8 months and weigh 135 kg.

For those pigs on a Lanna Integrated Farm (LIF) Service Agreement, inclusive of:

  • Food
  • Fresh water
  • Cleaning
  • Showering
  • Medical fees
  • Replacement policy with a new sow (gilt) include Sickness, Mortality, infertility.


  • To enter the farm all persons will be required to use foot baths to kill all bacteria.
  • All vehicles will go through a truck bath and sprayed to kill all bacteria.
  • 24-hour armed security with CCTV.
  • Fire Hydrant.

Buildings & Land:

  • The 7-hectares farm is built on virgin land, which has never been cultivated or worked.
  • Silo feed storage.
  • Housing for livestock personnel and security.
  • Isolation shed for 50 pigs.
  • 8 x Gestation Areas to hold 1000 gilts/sows.
  • 3 x Resting Areas to hold 250 sows.
  • 3 x Nursery Sheds.
  • 2 x Growing Sheds to hold 2,500/3,500 pigs.
  • 2 x Bio Tanks for waste disposal .

Accredited Farms

Naruang Integrated Farm is the only fully accredited breeder of Large White Yorkshire pigs in North Luzon which is the owner of Lanna Integrated Farm recognized by the DTI & Mayor’s Office.

Our Location

Lanna Integrated Farm, Lanna, Enrile, Cagayan Valley 3501, North Luzon, Philippines.

Our Track Rcord

The first farm was establish in 1960 at Naruang Integrated Farm and expanded to Lanna Integrated Farm in 2021. Breeders of pureline large white pigs since 2019.

Livestock Demand

Has increased dramatically since the outbreak of ASF in China 2018 and the Philippines banned the import of Chinese pork in March 2019. During the pandemic, prices have continued to rise as demand outstrips the supply.

Quality Assured

Genetically bred from GGP semen and GGP breeding stock to create our own Lanna Integrated Farm pureline breed.

Nº1 in Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the constant updates and informative content that we provide to our clients. By keeping clients involved through our regular emails and webinars.

Lanna Integrated Farm Q & A

Frequently asked questions, click to see answer.

The female pig, (which is called a Gilt when she hasn’t given birth to a litter, and thereafter is called a Sow) will be at least 4 months old when she can be purchased or reserved for purchase. In some cases she may be older.

We sell Large White Yorkshire pigs, which are considered sturdy, strong, healthy pigs, they provide good litter numbers and good size.

All animals are thoroughly checked by our veterinarians prior to purchase. They go through a stringent medical process including vaccinations for 11 weeks prior to insemination.

You may come and collect your gilt or have someone collect your gilt from the farm. Or you may enter into an agreement with LIF to provide breeding and rearing services for a 5 litter period (approximatley 36 months).

Once your gilt is around 8 months old and 135kg, she is ready for breeding. She will be inseminated or mated with a boar when she comes into season. When pregnancy is confirmed by our veterinarians, the agreement will commence.

Of course, we are dealing with nature and this is not guaranteed. A gilt/sow may only be impregnated as she comes into season (heat) every 21-days. Just like females of every species, not every insemination is successful, and we will need to try again after 21-days when she is back into season. There are numerous things that can be done to help induce the pregnancy and this is usually only a problem on the very first pregnancy. After this, she usually will fall pregnant quite easily.

Yes, the commencement date of the Service Agreement is tied into the gilts 1st confirmed pregnancy. If a future insemination is not initially successful, then the same process will apply.

All gilts are thoroughly health checked and considered prime breeding animals prior to sale. However, some gilts have been known not to fall pregnant after numerous inseminations, even though when tested they are fertile, this is our main concern, even over death. However, if this situation did occur LIF would replace the gilt free of charge as per the Service Agreement

  • Week 1 - Mycoplasma
  • Week 2 - HCV + PCV
  • Week 3 - PRV
  • Week 4 - PLE
  • Week 5 - Mycoplasma
  • Week 6 - HCV + PCV
  • Week 7 - PRV
  • Week 8 - PLE
  • Week 9 - Deworming
Week 11 Breeding:
  • At 7-months and 3-weeks target weight 135 kg +
  • Insemination
  • If after 14-days reheats back to 21-days
  • deworming and then inseminate again

The gestation period is 114 days.

Again, we are dealing with nature, and in some cases the unfortunate can happen. If your pig gets sick and requires some extensive medical care (which may not be included in the Services Fee) then LIF will contact you with a price and advice. If you choose not to go ahead with the medical course of treatment, the pig will be replaced free of charge. Any period of extensive medical care will of course delay future inseminations and consequently the Service Agreement would be extended free of charge to facilitate this

A normal litter at birth for Large Yorkshire White pigs is 10 - 12, however it is important to note that this is not a guaranteed amount and may be less due to natural selection during the first 120 days. LIF has been doing well with a live average birth rate of 11.2 over the last 18 months.


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